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MATRIX is a bleaching earth and food ingredients exporter. MATRIX is also an oleo chemicals manufacturer in Malaysia.


MATRIX introduces proprietary technology that uses encapsulated flavors in manufacturing oleochemicals and food flavoring. With over 30 years of experience and innovative research and development in oleo chemicals manufacturing, Matrix manufacture an extensive range of encapsulated flavors to cater for every needs of the discerning palate. Matrix manufactures an unprecedented range of encapsulated flavors and bleaching earth, including the unique flovors of Asia.


With the help of innovative technology, we are even able to offer custom made encapsulated flavors and food ingredients to meet specific need. Our commitment in research and development in food flavoring enable us to manufacture oleochemicals that meet the international quality and safety standards. We aim to drive innovation in the Malaysia oleochemicals industry by being the leader in the food flavoring market trends.

The group expanding its business in palm-oil related products in 1994, with the establishment of Matrix Oleochem Sdn Bhd (MOSB), to develop and manufacture specialty oleochemicals.

Natural Bleach Sdn Bhd (NBSB) was also established in 1994 to manufacture and market cost-effective natural and acid-activated bleaching earths. In 1997, Dr. Pat Howes joined NBSB as Technical Director, strengthening the management team of NBSB as company moved forward towards a global market. Dr. Howes has been based in Malaysia and Singapore since 1990, serving both local and export markets. He was firstly the Technical and Sales Manager for Laporte Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and later the Product Manager for Taiko Marketing Sdn Bhd, until he joined Natural Bleach Sdn Bhd.

In 1997 and 1998, the progressive position of MFF was recognised when they received the coveted Enterprise 50 award; a prestigious trophy award by SME Corp to leading small-to-medium businesses in Malaysia.

In 2002, the expansion of the business of MFF and Matrix Oleochem resulted in a move to larger premises, which the company established on a green-field site, strategically located close to Port Klang. The production capacity of MOSB was expanded in 2011 to cater for increasing demand and the addition of new specialty oleochemicals.

MFF & MOSB currently export to over 45 countries, and has a wide customer-base, ranging from small and medium scale enterprises to multinational companies.