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Matrix Oleochem Sdn. Bhd.

Manufacturing Specialty Chemicals
Focused Area ~ Cocodiethanolamide (CDE), Betaine & Cationic Softeners.

Matrix Oleochem Sdn. Bhd. established in 1994.  We began operations by conducting research and manufacturing specialty oleochemicals using palm oil – a raw material that is found in abundance in Malaysia.

To date, our unrelenting commitment to manufacturing products of the highest quality that are consistent in excellence, has made us the oleochemical company of choice with clients across 6 continents covering over 50 countries.

What sets us apart is our dedication to research and development.  Every year, a substantial amount of our budget is committed to R&D to advance our technology and enhance our knowledge.

Through these efforts we are able to offer clients customized solutions.  We feel this is important because no two customers are the same – each one has differing needs and specifications – and Matrix Oleochem Sdn. Bhd. is able to meet them all.

As a result of this practice, most of our clients have today become our partners for more than a decade.

Our manufacturing covers both food and non-food products.

Product list C

  •  Amine – A1 C is di methyl coco amido amine used for production of betaines
  • Atex-2  C is viscosity reducer and dispersing agent for cationic softener pastes enhancing cold water solubility
  • Betaine OT-30 C is Cocoamide Proply Betaine with 30% dry content
  • Betaine OT-45 C is Cocoamido Propyl Betaine with 45% dry content
  • CS1 C is cationic flake softener
  • CDE (Cocodiethanolamide), used as a thickening/foaming agent in the manufacturing of liquid soaps, and dish wash liquids. Cocodiethanolamide from palm kernel oil/olein using the fat route.
  • Glycerine
  • SLES 70%2M